The Original Bear Claw Back Scratcher     


  Made in Montana, U.S.A. each Bear Claw Back Scratcher is carefully handcrafted from hardwoods, making each one a unique gift for yourself or for others to enjoy for years.The design was crafted from a bears claw, Making this a very functional backscratcher (even over your clothing you'll get to the itch). In keeping with the natural  wood colors and grains we finish with two coats of clear lacquer. Approximate lenght is 19"- 22" long & approx. 3.5"-4" wide with large claws for the itch. Comes with a brass hanger chain and a piece of sandpaper to sharpen or dull the claws ( I like mine on the sharp side ) The colors of the wood will vary as the woods I get change. I take pride in making a quality product and from the feedback I've succeeded.  To see some great feedback I'm selling on e-Bay and Amazon also, but you get a price break here on my website. Thank You  and enjoy !    S.Wayne Rovang

Backscratcher Quantity